Monday, December 30, 2019


When my father died in April of 2014, leaving me an orphan for the first time in my life, my friend Bonnie gave me some advice. She was an art therapist and knew the power of creative endeavor to heal. When she lost both parents, she carried a sketch book around with her and drew every day.
“This kind of loss is huge,” she said. “You must find some kind of artistic outlet.”
I don’t draw, so I wasn’t sure what I would do. But one day I walked into a local arts and crafts store to kill some time before meeting a friend, and I ran smack into a display of coloring books. They weren’t crayon coloring books. The detail was much finer. I picked one up and leafed through. I like to say that my parents were arranging this from the other side because, as if on cue, a pleasant woman in a wheel chair rolled into my space and began chatting with me about them.

 “What do you use to color these with?” I asked. “Markers? Pencils?”
She recommended pencils and then showed me a wooden egg she had covered with pencil designs. It was beautiful! “I do these eggs for a hobby and sell them in my sister’s shop.”
We chatted a bit more while I picked out my first book ('Ocean Wonders: Color Art for Everyone' by Leisure Arts). I told her about my mom’s passing in 2011 and how my dad had just passed in April. I ventured to tell her I thought they had somehow conspired to send her along to help me get started with this healing project!

“Where do you find the pencils?” was my next question.

“Follow me!” and so I did… She wheeled and I walked past isles of paints and glitter and fabrics to the back corner of the store where the pencils were displayed. There were so many colors to choose from. Within a few seconds I realized that she was rummaging through her purse looking for pencils too! “You’ll need the colors of the sea!” She pulled out her own stash and began to select a few pencils for me. Now, she didn’t have to do that! But she did! And since receiving is as important a lesson to learn as giving, I took them and put them into my purse with great gratitude. When I made my choices, we exchanged last bits of pleasantries and said our good-byes. I cannot remember her name, but I refer to her as my Coloring Angel to this day.

Over time I have accumulated over a dozen coloring books and several packs of pencils. Some I have bought. Some I have received as gifts. I have finished two of the books. I am working in several others at the same time. I work from the first page to the last. I sign and date the back of every page as I finish it. Often I remark on where I was, what I was doing, or what I was feeling at the time.

I have colored in laundromats, airplanes, airports, and kayaks. I have learned that pencil sharpeners wear out, and not all colored pencils are the same. I have my preferences. Water color pencils are the best. Harder pencils work for the finer detail. I color inside the lines for the most part, but sometimes, if a page is too detailed, I color where I wish!
I have asked myself and my friend Bonnie if coloring really qualifies as art. I’m not really creating anything. The design is already there. I know I prefer it that way at the moment. I prefer the structure of lines already in place. A blank page is too daunting. The only decision I have to make is what color to use next. Simple. I am also learning how to shade. To me that is art… No one else in the whole world will color a page exactly as I do. I choose colors that reflect how I’m feeling and how I’m seeing things at that moment. I shade as space presents itself to be shaded. I color the backgrounds too, if there is a background. These pages wear my signature. That’s what artists do. And I am healing.

I began coloring to get me through the huge emptiness of no longer having parents on this earth. That was two and a half years ago. Coloring has carried me through other emotional storms and given me focus, calm and an outlet for grief. Emotions carry different color signatures. And they change as you grow through the experience. Did you know that? It has been an amazing thing to see!
I have shared some of my colorful experimentations on and here, just because… coloring should be displayed! And this is the best substitute I can find for the refrigerator door.
I hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 15, 2019


It was all Al Aronowitz’s doing. But that is a story all its own... meaning - me coming to know Al Aronowitz, the New York Post journalist who traveled to Liverpool with the Beatles in the 60s and rode in the car with them during their hometown triumph. But it was his doing.

He had it in his head to record one of our original songs with us, us being the Moses band he discovered in his later years. He wanted Levon to play the drums on the track. Those two, of course, knew each other forever from the glory days of the Woodstock, NY scene, also in the 60s. We had all planned to go together up to Levon’s rustic lake and pad [“house” in 60s lingo], but Al was sick. Not to be thwarted, he gave us Levon’s number and sent us on our way. “Just go and meet him. Talk to him.” SURE! We could do that!

So off we went to legendary Woodstock. Just a tad bit nervous. Once in town, we stopped at a little grocery store and bought some snacks and a package of organic blueberries. Regroup with food, I say. A phone booth leaned slightly into one corner of the parking lot. The nerves weren’t going anywhere, so we called.

“MOSES!" he said. He obviously knew we were coming. “Where ya been? Come on up!” It was very strange to hear such familiarity from one so famous. So we wound our way through the trees and up the mountain till we came to a very plain country mailbox sporting the correct number. There was no house to be seen. Just a dirt driveway zigzagging its way down through the brush. One must catch one’s breath before turning down a lane to such a meeting. So we did. We caught our breath, then headed down the lane.

We broke through the trees into a huge open area with a large non-descript post and beam house (or was it a barn) with attached garage sitting back to the right, a summer garden to the left, and a mountain lake beyond it all. We parked, got out of the car and looked around. This was Levon Helm’s place. How did I get here?

No one greeted us.

So we walked. We passed the house and made our way toward a bustle of activity on the nearest shore. And there he stood. Thin. Too thin. Tanned. And wearing nothing but a pair of gray shorts. A dozen or so young Levon devotees surrounded him. A dirt and gravel project was underway.   They were shoring up the beach. Some of them were. The rest were scattered about in the grass or at the picnic table. It needed painting. The table sat under the huge shade tree drooping over the shore.

“Hey there! Welcome. How are ya?” or something like that. I don’t even remember. What I remember is what I felt as I stood there, not three feet away from the The Band’s drumming legend. I tell people that my body went electric. Not with mere fan adoration. It was deep. Like I was in the presence of someone beyond this dimension. It surprised me. But the thought that came to me as we stood there was that, like Jesus, I could tell this man anything. I could confess to him any wrong I had ever done. I could try to invoke some judgment from him. But no. He would love me just the same – no matter what. Was this love I felt? Devotion? Not my love for him, but his love for me. He didn’t know me but it was there. It was real and spiritual and I will never forget it.

He pushed us out of our reverie and into the row boat. “Check out the pond,” he drawled. “We’ll talk business later.” He gave us a push and a nod. “Watch for the bears,” he called out. One of the young devotees later told us that “Levon knows all of the bears in the area. He has names for them. One of them has triplets!” Ok. We saw no bears. A family of turtles sunning themselves on a log jumped in as we passed. There were birds overhead. But no bears. Yet.

Back on the shore we joined the motley crew of young drummers, budding poets and philosophers who made up Levon’s tribe.   We listened to tales of gigs and venues and drumming lessons; looked at faces and at notebooks of prose and lyrics; listened to their thoughts on the ideals of Emerson. This was their school and Levon was their sage. We sat with them until the scooping and moving and dumping of gravel onto ‘the beach’ ended, then walked with him to the house.

The cavernous space between the living quarters and garage held the recording studio. Speakers hung from the ceiling. He told us about the Midnight Ramble sessions that took place in this space. People would come for an evening of music, food and fun. We talked business. That is the part I remember the least. I know he didn’t want to befuddle himself by listening to the track we were going to record before the actual session. Too much thinking messed him up. It was better to record fresh. I remember him not wanting to talk about The Last Waltz. Too many hurt feelings there. And I remember how he looked when we told him “you have such a great voice.”

At the time, his voice was in jeopardy. He had just finished several rounds of radiation treatments to relieve him of the ravages of throat cancer. Doctors had told him he would never sing again. The raspy quality of his speaking voice belied the ordeal he was in. With thoughtful and appreciative kindness in his eyes, he thanked us for the compliment. We had spoken in present tense.

As we stood by the car, solidifying our plans and saying our good-byes to our new friend, we pulled out the box of blueberries we had bought earlier. Levon leaned against the garden post and ate some of them with us. The sun had lowered to shine through the trees. Suddenly, he stood tall and smiled, his eyes lit up as he fixed his gaze on something beyond us. “Hey mama, where’s your baby?” We turned around. It was one of Levon’s bears. She stood looking curiously at us from the far side of the garden.

Now I’m thinking – bear, blueberries, bear cub somewhere but where? I would have panicked if not for Levon’s smile. No bear would hurt him. They knew what I had experienced earlier. This man would accept them just as they were. That gentle vibration was obvious to her too. She and her baby were safe. And loved.

The day was over and as we made our way back up the winding lane and then down the mountain, the thought hung in the air. How do you top this? How do you explain this? And who will ever believe?

Me with Levon on the day we met.
He was pure light!

Afterword: Our recording session with Levon Helm never happened. Al’s illness halted all progress. But we had planned it. We had talked with him about it. And we had had that one great afternoon with him and his followers,  his mountain lake… and his bears!

Monday, May 29, 2017


Today I am remembering a Memorial Day from many years ago. This is the introduction to my book ‘Safely Through the Fire’. It is written as fiction, but these things really happened. Sharing with you today in memory of Billy and all the ones I’ve loved who have passed on. Love life!!! It is precious!
* * * * * * * *
The parade was over.
The crowd of Memorial Day celebrants slowly gathered around the podium for the annual Memorial day speech and laying of the laurel for Springvale’s fallen sons and daughters.
“Springvale is coming of the Dark Ages,” Billy noted to the sister who accompanied him on this trip down memory lane. Neither of them had witnessed the festivities of the day in years. But it was THEIR parade. First as Scouts and then as players in the local marching band, they had done the route. And many times…
And now he was making the observation. Change was coming to this small lakeside community. “They’re finally letting a woman make the Memorial Day speech.” That was a fact. And it was definitely a step forward.
Anna and her brother listened for a few moments and then allowed the lure of the cemetery beyond to call them. “Let’s go for a walk.”
Little puffs of dust rose from their feet as they walked the familiar road. They followed its course as it lazily wound its way through the ‘at rest’ citizens of their hometown. The shade was cool. Geraniums fairly glowed in the late May sunshine. Engraved stones, polished and glistening in the sunlight surrounded them.
They knew where they were going. Gram and Grampa were buried in that far corner. And just beyond them was the small patch of ground their parents had purchased over 20 years ago. No marker graced the family plot. No one had dared to fill even ONE the eight empty gravesites. Not yet at least.
Anna picked a dandelion and blew the tiny seedlings into the springtime air. ‘Don’t you wonder…” she said absently, “don’t you wonder who will be the first one buried in here?”

She was unaware of the silence emanating from her companion at that moment. Or of how tense he had become.
She rambled on. “I think I would want to be buried here even though I’m married and I don’t live here anymore…”
Within minutes, Anna had wandered off to look up names of anyone she might remember from her eighteen years as a Springvale citizen. College had delivered her years ago, but one never truly leaves the town he was born into. It was part of her makeup. The stars and all. The meridians. It was her entry point.
She posed the question and let it go that day. She would one day recall the brief exchange as a terrible blunder.
For HE knew full well who would be the first. And he knew he would be breaking the hapless news to their parents within the next few hours. It would be the hardest thing he would ever have to do.
He COULD tell HER, too. He could tell her FIRST and draw to himself at least one ally before the anticipated storm. It might help to do it that way.
He opened his mouth to confess what he knew. And then looking at her in all her innocence, abandoned the exchange. There was no need to disturb her world. Not yet. She was too carefree and happy. Something HE would never be again.
No. Just let it go. Let it stay this way for awhile, he thought. It will all come crashing down on her soon enough…
©2001 Claire Vimala Anderson
For more information on Vim’s book, CLICK HERE! Many thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 13, 2017


I was six years old when the Beatles phenomenon hit the USA like a storm. All I knew was that I wanted to be a Beatle when I grew up. I’ve done pretty well with that. I am singer-songwriter and I play a guitar on a stage! But it’s a real guitar – not a toy one – and I play on a real stage and not the fireplace hearth in my parent’s living room! I listened to their albums, trying to figure out which one was Paul. I contemplated how I might actually climb into the stereo so that I might actually be there with them… wherever that might be! No luck with that! All of this went fine and well for awhile.
However, time does some strange things. My six year old self would have been mortified to see her future self destroying those same beloved albums during the Beatle Burning era – mob action of a different sort. “The Beatles say they are more popular than God!!!” said the horrified masses. I guess I saw that as pure fact – no screaming mobs entered any church I knew of. But it affected people deeply including friends and family in my immediate surroundings. So following herd mentality, I joined in. I remember trampling on and scuffing the records in my family’s garage. Beatle magazines were in shreds. [Lucky note: one of them survives to this day without a cover!] I remember the feeling of indignant superiority that accompanied the process. I watched myself and wondered.
Years later again… Reason comes with age and computers provide access; so one day in the modern age, I finally looked it up. What exactly did John Lennon say that started all of the ‘Mop Top’ flames? There it was. I read his comments within the context of the article. And all I saw was a man who was telling it as he saw it. He was in the middle of something we saw only from the outside. Maybe he was disillusioned by his own place – watching the insanity from his lonely perch on the tower of success. I don’t know. But I didn’t see anything there worth a match and an angry bonfire.
Still, I can surely say that I was a part of Rock history – ashes included. I was there through the thick and the thin of it – and back to the thick again. And for that, my six year old self breathes a sigh of relief.

Lennon's comments appeared in a 1966 article by Marureen Cleave, entitled: How Does a Beatle Live? John Lennon Lives Like This. His comments on Christianity appear here in full and in context.
"Experience has sown few seeds of doubt in him: not that his mind is closed, but it's closed round whatever he believes at the time. 'Christianity will go,' he said. 'It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first -- rock 'n' roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me.' He is reading extensively about religion." -M. Cleave

PHOTO NOTES: Chris Mackie's interpretation of the famous "I Love New York" photo of John Lennon. Seen and photographed at the Garden Gallery in Carlisle, PA. It's called "Lennon on Steel 4." Meet Chris here.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


So some of you have asked me about this smoothie I drink every morning. I’ve never bothered with juicing, but smoothie’s?... I live by! So here is the recipe. You’ll need a blender! Use ORGANIC if you can. Mindfully 😊 throw all of this into the blender then turn it on low, then crank it up slowly to the fastest setting and let it run until the smoothie looks smooth… duh! Hehe!

1-2 apples, peeled and cored

1-2 oranges or 1 grapefruit peeled and cut up

1 pear or peach (frozen peaches)

1 - 2 stalks of celery cut up

1 heaping tablespoon of golden flax seeds

1 shake of cayenne powder

1 ½ t. of ground ginger (heaping if you like it)

1 ½ t. of ground turmeric (more if you like)

1 BIG handful of power greens/spinach/kale


OPTIONAL: [I use these sometimes] 3 dried apricots, 3 prunes, small handful of dried cranberries, 3-6 creative!

         I get the power greens from the salad section of the grocery store. I usually buy the large container then put them into a baggie and freeze them, then use them how ever. *If you like it sweet, use stevia powder or drops [I like it sweet!].

Add fresh apple cider / 100% apple juice or 100% Grape Juice / White Grape Juice, just enough to cover up the cut fruits. Those greens will fill the blender to the top if they are frozen. Ya don’t need that much juice.

Then blend away. Add more juice if the blending becomes sluggish.

A fun way to eat your fruit… Best in the morning! Allows your body to detox a little bit longer from the night.


PS I got this recipe from a guy in PA whose 90 year old mom still drinks this every day.
He does too and they have never been sick! The herbs are healing herbs when combined together.... flax, cayenne, ginger, turmeric... Use organic if you can.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"No Worry, Bro..."

A YouTube I think about and often!
Use your discernment as always.
Take what works and leave the rest.

"We are moving toward the most profound event a planetary ecology can encounter. We are about to witness the freeing of life from the chrysalis of matter. This is what our privilege and our destiny is... is to be the final generation of people with one foot in the material realm of the battered primate and one foot on the ladder to godhead.

Cf. birth...Matter and the human body is the placenta of the soul and it is certainly true the earth is the cradle of the human race but no infant remains in the cradle forever..."
--Terence McKenna


Monday, February 15, 2010

Me and Black Beauty... OK... He's Brown! No Matter...

"The reason Black Beauty is a classic is because everyone can identity with him. Who HASN'T been treated like Tony the Pony at one time or another and yet inside he just KNOWS that he is something great! At least he USED to be. And what about the sense of relief at being re-discovered by the stable hand who remembers your glory years. Put me to pasture under THOSE conditions if to pasture I must go. Or better yet, restore me to my former greatness. Dress me up and take me out on the town, head held high and proud." - Vim

You are looking at a rescued horse. This guy and I had a long, long talk the day we met. Soul to soul we bonded. That being said he got pretty miffed when the blind grey came over and stole my attention for a bit. But we worked it out. He's in a safe and caring place now, but oh what he's been through...
100 Words

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Susan Boyle: When The Light Shown Through...

I know this is a well-worn topic... well not really, but I want to throw my two cents in.

First of all... a quote from someone who was moved by the performance:

To Susan Boyle: "Where are you, where are you? How did you touch me like this?

A big tough guy saying this. And that's what happened... we all got touched. Somewhere that had never been touched before or at least in a long long time. Maybe a place we never knew we had. Maybe a place we had forgotten about. But d*mn if she didn't find it! and she touched it oh so gently and not to be resisted. That's what she did.

Some people voices are a vortex... You know who they are. And when they open their mouths, something comes in from beyond this illusive world. Something real comes in. But it doesn't always hit its mark. Darkness interferes.

Here's a profound observation along that line:

"I have (looked) at all the comments and looked at this amazing moment and the one other thing I noticed is: The dark has been twisting the light messages to feed back into the darkness forever it seems. This time the darkness or the shadow in the audience and in the judges got flipped into the light by surprise by the golden light pouring out of the women's voice. Her voice is connected to her heart and spirit and is pure. She walked off the stage for she was complete. Only when she confusedly came back to the stage to hear the "judges", did she enter her smaller self and her eyes reflected the pain of hearing how everyone perceived her before her performance. Behind stage she was confused by the praise and was wrestling with many mixed emotions." -xxx at NES forum

This time something slipped through, some energy, some great reminder of who we all are. And whatever got through continues to get through every time we listen... even now, as we fade back into our iron lives. Some day, the light won't switch off. It will stay on and we will be there always. That's why we cried. Because we remembered... and KNEW that THAT's who we really are.

I'll end by saying this. What an amazing destiny for her, to publicly symbolize this "Mystery"... once concealed but now revealed. I think of that phrase:

"The kingdom of heaven is spread abroad upon the earth and men see it not."

For just that moment we DID see it. We all saw it. And what next? What else are we not seeing, but will NOW finally see!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This spirit painting came in layers. At first, a green base. Then a frantic painting over top with the word "Help" coming through. Then a pause to recoup, and then a soft and joyful covering over with bright pinks and reds. It felt like love. So the title reflects not only the call for help, but also the help that arrives. This painting hung in the PINK exhibit at the Art Center in Butler, PA in 2007... part of Breast Cancer awareness. It did not sell, but soon after a friend of mine learned she had breast cancer. I gifted this painting to her with the hope it would bring the help she needed. That was in early 2008. She is still with us.
"H E L P !"
12" x 16"
acrylic on paper
G I F T !

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Water Paradox

Water is front and center all of a sudden, at least for me. The Teacher says that he who worships water as Brahman will have all of his desires fulfilled. A dying friend expressed how her life had taught her to sail around the obstacles in the way. And now I find this quote which takes it even further:
Water is soft, fluid and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong. ~Lao Tsu
I guess sand is the same way, loose and giving way, and yet it is used to polish precious stones and minerals. No more comment. I'm just pondering this whole idea and wanted to share it with you.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whattaya Know...

Whose thoughts are you thinking?
Are they there by choice or default?
What would your thoughts be if you were all there is?

Whose beliefs do you believe?
Do you believe them by choice or default?
What would your beliefs be if your were all there is?

Whose lifestyle do you live?
Do you live it by choice or default?
What lifestyle would you live if you were all there is?

"Know thyself... and so shalt thou know God... and the universe."

Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Martin Luther King You Don't See on TV..."

Today is Martin Luther King Day. The media will spend a great deal of time presenting a watered down version of what this man was all about. Most of the important parts will be left out... conveniently. The man continues to be a threat to the PTB. Why? What did he say that they don't want you to know. Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon paint an enlightening portrait of a great man who did great things for ALL of us...

Here are an excerpt and the link...
Media Beat (1/4/95)
By Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon

It's become a TV ritual: Every year in mid-January, around the time of Martin Luther King's birthday, we get perfunctory network news reports about "the slain civil rights leader." The remarkable thing about this annual review of King's life is that several years — his last years — are totally missing, as if flushed down a memory hole.


An alert viewer might notice that the chronology jumps from 1965 to 1968. Yet King didn't take a sabbatical near the end of his life. In fact, he was speaking and organizing as diligently as ever. Almost all of those speeches were filmed or taped. But they're not shown today on TV.

It's because national news media have never come to terms with what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for during his final years... [more at link]

The MLK You Don't See on TV

Friday, October 17, 2008

Navagraha Chant

As the astrology gets a bit dicey in the coming months, this ancient Sanskrit chant calls the planets by name and honors them. His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji has advised us to do this chant to ward off the negative effects of the planets. I am sharing this in hope for our well-being in the coming months.

Namassuryaaya Chandraaya Mangalaaya Budhaaya Cha
Guru Shukra Shanibhyascha Raahave Kaetave Namaha

Jaya Guru Datta

Sri Swamiji
photo by Vimala

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Take on the World Economic System, and a Possible Future... After the Fall...

Don't know if you saw the first film, but the Addendum explains the present monetary system and why it HAS to fall in order for us to evolve freely. I am putting it out to you as an FYI.

The effect this film had on me was to SEE a new kind of life superimposed over this old one. I guess it is about awareness. Krishnamurti said that to understand is to transform that which IS. We can do that within ourselves. A world without money, where all have access to all and all express freely the gifts that are given IS a possibility.

One of the AHA's I gained through this film is a possible reason why lightworkers have had such a hard time charging $ for their services. Perhaps this would be another topic altogether. But in MY heart I KNOW that my gifts are just that... GIFTS. The fact that our lives are tied to the Monetary System, puts a cramp in my style. But what if that system were no longer in place. It worked in the Tribal pardigm! Our Native American ancestors lived quite well without it. Just a thought.

The last scene before the credits is an amazing portrayal ofvAwareness becoming Aware. It is worth seeing in and of itself.

Anyways, here is the link:

Use your discernment.
Take what works and leave the rest.

DISCLAIMER: I don't endorse anything except awareness. If this contributes to that, so be it. If not, awareness comes by another form. It's all the same. We carry on, V

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Turtle Woman's Latest Auto-Writings - 08/18/08

Am passing this on as an FYI.
As always, take what works and leave the rest.
We carry on,


Note: I had no intention to send this out, as sending out the automatic writings is no longer part of my 'mission', they have returned to being for myself as directed by Creator, however, after the week I've personally experienced, it became clear that this particular autowriting needs to go out. Take the key words (falls, drama, deaths, water, the past, those that do and don't belong with you, etc.) literally. I'm just wondering now what the fire from below is going to be in my personal life - a friggin volcano forming right below my feet? (That's a joke God - I take that out of the law [of manifestation]!) As always, for your discernment.... share as you see fit.

Love and Light,


Turtle Woman's Auto Writing

Monday, 11:16 p.m.

August 18, 2008

Sorry. Time's up. Forgive and move on. There is no more yesterday. Never look back from this point on. The past is gone and much is gone with it. Only Now. Never more. Sing Sing. Sing a song for all the tomorrows you've been waiting for. Open the door and step through. All has arrived Now. All you have to do is embrace it and hold on tight. Your Light shines and will guide you home.

Say "come" and it will come. "Come all that is truly mine". "Come all that belongs with me"."Come in like heart and mind". "Come soul beings of my own". "Come". It is time to summons from above the beauty that belongs below. And it is time to rise to full height and be all that you truly are, according to Free Will and the Highest Good of All.

Stand firm as that which no longer belongs with you falls away. That which sits in darkness remains so. Hold firm as that which falls away will be great and many - surprisingly so - but do not despair as it does not belong to you. Shock! Shock! Oh! Oh! You wonder when the insanity will end - for you it already has. The drama is not yours. Others play out their own. Yours is a calm flow forward and up beyond the flood of tears that are soon to follow. Your change is for the better. Some, many, wallow in the mire. What have you need for their chosen drama? None.

Set your sights on the stars and the heavens and don't look back or down. Set your sights. You will not be touched by the fire that consumes from below. No more pain and misery for the children of the Light. You have chosen well. The Beauty Way opens the doors of it's path - your universe of being is fine.

Know that the power of the Golden Light is yours to use at all times. Know that the power of the Christ Enlightened is yours to use at all times for the Highest Good. Know that you are the power, have the power, and that you manifest it Now.

Death comes to many, in mass, Now. Your country will be shook to it's foundation. Many to die before the year is out. Cold, much cold. You will need to move south soon. Cold before the water. Move south for two years. Then into the hills of crystals before the water inundates. Prepare to move as quickly as you can. The Shift comes soon. Many going soon.

Look to the skies. You'll see them there. Go when you are called. Do not hesitate. Nothing to hold you here. Nothing. Leave with joy. All awaits you in love and reunion. The true tie that binds is waiting above. Only chains are holding you here below.

Move now as quickly as you can. There is no time to spare. The doors are opening. Be ready to step through. In love follow The Beauty Way. Let go.


Standing in the Golden Light,

All My Relations In Love and Light,

Turtle Woman, Oma

copywrite 2008. If forwarding remove all previous email addresses. Do not change, alter, delete, modify, spindle, fold or mutilate in any way, manner, or form.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Is Life...

this is life
right here where I am
not some distant time
not some distant place
but here now
this is my art
this moment is my painting
my creation
not some distant scenario
not some distant circumstance
but this
right here in my hand
this moment
I will not arrive ‘someday’
I will not become ‘eventually’
I am
this moment
with all of its drama
with all of its uncertainties
with all of its adventure
there is no waiting
there is no wondering
divine will is now
to breathe
to observe
to drink it all in
to be
alive in this mortal flesh
alive in this mortal moment
this is life
this is purpose
to be

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tucson: The Community...sort of!

I have been here a week and have had the good fortune to fall in with a bunch of old Hippies with stories to tell of their encounters with the icons of the era. Last night, a Ginsberg film debut by two of them and a Q & A afterward that produced an actual post card written by Ginsberg to a friend of the card's keeper. At the event, I also met someone who worked on the Hubble telescope and invented a technology for smelling TV... something that seemed possible and a logical next step in the evolution of entertainment to me as a kid. I got to visit a communal housing setting that makes total sense. Share a bath and the kitchen and have one room that is your private space. Economic and practical. I'm impressed.

No one goes by his given name, which is good as it seems there are only one or two given names among them. Everyone has a second or third name that comes with a fascinating story behind it's selection. Makes me feel less odd with my second name. No one is from here. I have yet to meet a native Tucsonian[?]. Kind of like the land of misfit toys, only one feels less misfitted in the company of so many others of similar nature. An interesting mix of interesting people.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dear Everyone... I'm Going on Walkabout...

At the behest of my guides I'm off to Tucson and points SW.
Vision questing!
Hoping to hook up with the tribe and get activated.
Feels like my "unit" is being called up for active duty.
If I find the time and an internet connection, will post some of my findings.
All is well, ya know!
We carry on,

Monday, January 28, 2008


This is Turtle Woman's latest auto-writing as I received it.
I am posting it here for your information and enlightenment.
As always, use your discernment.
We carry on,

Saturday, 2:05 p.m.

January 26, 2008

Trepidation. Climax. The not-so-holy making another huge power play. Relentless in their pursuit of false power. Much confusion within and on the rise without. The emotional imbalance in the mass consciousness becoming greater and more prevalent. So many crises in so many directions. People totally overwhelmed, freaking out, acting out, breaking down, and literally losing it. The level of going berserk continues to increase. So many simply going insane. No where near its apex. Crisis, crisis, crisis. Be very careful, and keep observant to what is going on around you at all times. Use the Golden Light in conjunction with the Violet Ray to protect yourselves. The earth is about to rumble from all the negative impacts and the stress of it all. The body will revolt.

So many still asleep. Most of them will remain that way. Those who have recently awakened are feeling as though they have just emerged from a fog. They are amazed that they could not see through the obvious and outrageous antics of the dark ones who claim false power. Disaster will pile upon disaster and the deaf, blind, and dumb will still refuse to wake up. Stubborn resistance against the Creator of All That Is. There are only so many times that Creator will knock on your door before walking away when the door is not answered.

Not many roses to be smelled this year. Hard times for many with much loss – life, limb, and external security. The floor will literally drop out from below for those who persist in not awakening. It is their soul choice. Send them Light and move on. No time to waste on grieving over those who refused Creator’s repeated call.

One by one, those of the Vanguard are withdrawing. It is their time to turn their attention inward. It is a time of inner powering up. This is where the attention needs to be. For those who have done their spiritual work and have followed Creator’s directives to implant the Light and bring the teachings of the Great Masters into the daily life of the masses, it is time to attend to Self. Inward and upward is the call being heard now. That which is outside is no longer calling. Their mission is rapidly coming to a close. It’s time for those who are meant to take the Vanguard’s place to step up to the plate of Truth. Your higher initiations are almost complete.

Those of the Vanguard who are not yet heeding the call will soon find the pull so strong they can no longer return their attention to the outside world. What appears to be an attitude of “I’m sorry, you have me confused with someone who cares” is not what it seems… it is simply those of the Vanguard now giving full attention to the Source’s call.

It is necessary you to prepare yourself for your next step... fully empowering yourself again with Creator and Self so that you may finally go to your real home, where your true loved ones await for you. For many of you, your soul mates did not incarnate with you, in order to be a life line on the other side to give you strength, encouragement, and guidance during this difficult journey. It is reunion time. Look forward to it with great joy.

All the love, attention, compassion, assistance, and selfless giving you have contributed in this long, difficult journey now needs to be directed to disconnecting from that which is without and focusing it on that which is within. This is not selfish, callow, or cold, but simply a normal stage of stepping up and stepping away from that which no longer belongs with you. The time to move forward and prepare for moving home has come. The time is passing to be in the center of the storm, but to rise above it. It’s time for a huge moving sale and the few boxes of what needs to be taken are being packed. You will, however, be traveling light… and you will be traveling Light.

Do not mourn what is being left behind… it’s suppose to be left behind. You cannot move up until you release what is holding you down. You cannot advance if you have the brakes on. Hesitation to take automatic right action can have dire results. You can not go forward unless you leave behind that which holds you back… attachments to this, the lowest, densest realm in creation, will result in eons of being stuck in terrible lower creations.

You cannot go home if you insist on clinging to the place that is not your home. And a period of detachment is required to let go without further pain and suffering. Those who do not do what is required to let go will experience what the Masters refer to as “the stings of a thousand scorpion”. There truly is a “ Scorpion King”. Being ripped out of this level of Creation when there is attachment to it is painful indeed. One must be able to let go with speed, joy, ease, comfort, and love, according to Free Will and for the Highest Good.

Looking backward, holding back, will trap you in a hell of your own making beyond imagination – the lesson of Lot’s wife. You don’t hang on to the stage of being a baby when you are becoming a child. You don’t cling to your diaper stage when you’ve become potty trained. Every stage of evolution requires a letting go, a necessary leaving behind. While each soul’s desire determines their destination, the Vanguard’s time to go home is drawing nigh. Not to a “new earth”, but home, true home. It is the next stage for you. And you must leave behind what is not yours to be able to return to your own. To everything there is a season. It is time to change the guard.

“Gee but it’s great to be back home!
Home is where I want to be!
I’ve been on the road so long my friend,
And if you come along
I know you couldn’t disagree
It’s the same old story
Everywhere I go.
I’ve been slandered,
I hear words
I’ve never heard in the bible.
And I’m one step away from a shoe shine.
Two steps away from the county line…..”

Paul Simon 1969

…. the “county line”, the line of demarcation between here and home. Get your traveling shoes shined… you’re two steps away from home… sweet home.

Those souls, however, who need to follow The Mother from this earth to her new home – her new body – the “new earth”, are beginning to leave and follow her now. Those who refuse to acknowledge that her soul departure from this earth has already transpired will soon understand. The “new earth” they have been waiting for cannot be ready for other’s arrival until the Mother’s soul occupies it. How could it? Did you not understand the process? As above so below. The laws of creation, which so many woo-woo new-agers ignore, are always in force. It is misleading, false information which negates the laws and rules of existence within every level of Creation.

As above, so below. Just because we are in a time of great change and we are evolving into a higher being does not mean the basic laws of transmigration have been suspended. It is only a fool that swallows hook line and sinker the myth that the laws of creation have been suspended or are no longer in effect. And if you believe the deliberate misinformation planted by those of dark intent, a sinker it will be for you. Woe be to those who don’t use discernment.

Discernment is only possible through Truth and seeking the Path of the Masters, the metaphysics of the science of the soul. That is where spirit and science meet as One in Universal Truth. That and the journey within through attending to meditation is what gives the ability to discern the Truth from all the hogwash that is sloshing around. Seek and ye shall find.

The Mother’s soul had to leave “here” first before she could be ‘there”, otherwise the “new earth” would simply be an empty shell with no life-force – there would be nothing capable of sustaining the life trying to enter it. The “new earth” can not be alive and ready for its children until the soul of the Mother occupies it. It is she who gives the “new earth” life, not the other way around. The birthing process of a planet is the same as a baby… a soul must enter it before it can live.

The birthing mother’s body must have a soul occupying it first before the baby’s soul can come through. And if there is no soul in the body of the planet, nothing will “birth” onto that planet. As above, so below… so why would that be negated when moving back up?

Something else is taking place “here” in what has become an empty shell.
An illusion of life. But then it always has been, simply with souls trapped in a bad dream. It is only an illusion continuing, a dream continuing from a thought form. Energy moving forward, like a radio wave endlessly moving through space through the eternity of this universe of consciousness. Actually, none of us are here at all. Why are you hanging on to it?

So much shock in the near future. Step above it. Move out of being the center of the storm into being totally above it. More mind-boggling events. Rise above it.

The people cry out in protest from all quarters. Much shifting. Terrible deceptions. Look within and away from the outside projection. Don’t let it entangle you. Send the Light with objective detachment, not on your knees sobbing. There is no less love involved in it, just a lot less strain from over wrought emotion. Remove yourself to your Self and bask in the connection with Source. Otherwise what is coming will shatter your heart many times and render you vulnerable to entrapment by the dark ones.

Those of dark intent want to keep you trapped in the dream with staged events they orchestrate from behind the scenes. Their scriptwriters are not on strike. By removing yourself to the Self, you become the real script writer for All That Is. It is from being here on this level, in the body while accessing the higher realms, that true change for the better is made. Use this – the only real tool you have.

It is the one the Lord of your soul, the Creator of All That Is, gave to you. Those of dark intent are trying to create and stage events which seem to come from the ‘enemy’ but are in fact being orchestrated by themselves behind the curtains. They want to develop and execute strong emotions from horror to develop a “cause” to expand the war and continue their agenda.

Recent events at sea were staged to provoke war by the very government crying “foul!”. Those of dark intent are trying hard to set the stage for more war before elections in the hope that they will feed more fear into the sleeping masses and thereby stay in false power. They are banking on it. Don’t buy into the destructive agenda of the-powers-that-aren’t. Those of dark intent who steal the power of others are desperately trying to hold their position and are involved in much more deception, plotting, and fear-mongering to fool the masses than they ever have before. As they ramp things up again, they are frantically scrambling to cover their tracks and reek more havoc.

And yes, they personally, literally reek, as lies do carry a bad smell which is equal to the level of bad energy. The smell of liars is awful. The more you move up on the evolutionary ladder, the more you are able to See, Know…. and Smell… and you can smell a rat.

Although the dark ones have succeeded in the past, they can only continue to succeed if you give them permission. Know these false provocations for more war are simply staged – self-made threats to achieve the plans that they already had on the table since the beginning. Me thinks they protest too much… such hollow voices blowing wind.

These power mongers of dark intent will kill as many of their own and others as they need to in order to justify an orchestrated “cause” to expand war. Require accountability and fool-proof evidence from those who are trying to entrap you in fear. Their fear mongering is hollow. Give it no value by calling them out in Truth. Will you silently stand by and give those of dark intent the carte blanch they are counting on?

Elections will be stolen. Much corruption in votes. Dirty tricks abound. Freedom will be bought and sold behind the scenes. Nasty surprises in store.

Public outrage. A bright light in danger of being snuffed out. Much Light needs to be sent to those who walk in Truth with courage. But remain free from the drama. Players shifting in the play and the soap opera takes a new turn. There is hope still, but a sacrificial lamb may be laid on the alter. A serious turning of events.

Earth is revolting. Dying throes. Massive shudders. Is a planetary walk-in waiting in the wings? Something lurks nearby. Rising and falling. Splitting apart. Magma flows freely. Smoking and puffing. Lava in an unexpected place. Major shifts. Many changes. Much sorrow and grief. Gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair. Woe, woe. Rise from the center of the storm to above it. Go within. Sit in mediation and prepare your journey Now.

Lightworkers struggle with the impact of these dark energies. For those who see and feel from a heightened perspective, the darkness of the energy is even more difficult. A very materialistic energy is coming in. It will last for a long time, promoting more greed, especially from governments. Mass consciousness in danger of severe backsliding. Ugh. Much progress in mankind can be reversed. A strong energy of governmental backward thinking, oppression of women-minorities- education-freedom. Danger of martial law in many places. Camps. Orwell. Big Brother. Fascist governmental energies. Riots. A turning away from enlightenment. A backward influence for a time to come. Darkness from the past coming forward. Reversal of fortunes and the ramping up of new ones.

The Light is needed more than ever. Intensify the Light, the beautiful Golden Light, without by expanding it within. Now. Without anymore slacking. Go within and do the work needed there. Sit in mediation. Make the time. It’s important. And nothing on this earth feels better than time spent in meditation, so seek your greater field of happiness. Why do you not?

Those who are going through disconnection will hold their own during this extreme new influence, but the many who have neglected their spiritual development will be crushed and broken under this new time. It is so unnecessary. Prepare through your meditation and get two birds with one stone – protection here while completing the journey home. Why deny and delay your greatest desire of your heart and soul – complete bliss, total joy, Oneness again.

Many, many souls leaving during this time. A nuclear holocaust looms heavy on the horizon. The smallest mis-step can be disastrous. Walking a fine line. Will you allow it? The Mother decided not to be a part of this. Thus the timing of her departure. She prepares the new home - a safe, beautiful haven - for those who have chosen to follow her and who are not yet ready to go all the way home. She is “there”, Now, welcoming her children as they begin to arrive.

Do you feel a hollowness? Look and truly see. The trees have lost their aura. The hollowness you feel is this empty projection. You are no longer here. Wake up. You will love where you really are when you wake up. Life is a dream. . . dream. . . dream. Wake up. This dream is not yours.

The tree you see with your physical eyes is growing, but the life force is dissipated. The tree is “there”, but it no longer vibrates with vigorous life force. To the physical eye, it doesn’t look different, but for those who have “the eyes to see”, it might as well be made out of cardboard for the amount of life force it carries now. In Truth, what is keeping this planet going and preventing it from flying apart is the life force emanating from less than a handful of living genuine Masters in combination with the Lightworkers who implant the life giving power Creator’s Golden Light on a daily basis.

Many Blessings. Stand in and use the Golden Light of the Creator’s Christ Power.

All My Relations in Love and Light,

Turtle Woman, Oma

Warning, warning! Be aware. A killer running loose. Driving an older, small 4 door sedan. Dodge? Grayish shade of light blue paint that is “pearlized” or slightly metallic. Tall man…. six foot two to six foot four, attractive devil in disguise. Well built, athletic, brown hair in a short executive-type cut, conservative dress, polite, charming, quiet, almost shy, 30’s. On second or third date takes a drive out to the country and wants to have a “surprise” picnic or walk in the woods. Danger, danger! White bedspread in trunk or back seat. Serial killer. Beware pretty 20’s females with medium length dark hair and five foot four. Nice countryside, where there are a variety of trees, rolling hills, flat lush meadows and fields. Area where there are more overcast days in the weather. Beware. Beware! Don’t walk in the country with someone new – young women keep a friend with you and go out in pairs!

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Sunday, December 09, 2007


I posted this piece a couple of years ago, but it has been on my mind again lately. We seem to be masters of avoiding, at all cost, looking at ourselves in the mirror and seeing, not our faults, but our own glory... our power... our birthright of happiness.

Our essential nature is happiness. What if the "salvation of the world" lay in us simply allowing ourselves to be just that... happy?

What if the apparent insanity of this 3D world is really a tool we are using to pry our own fingers off of The Dream and realize who we truly are. And the abrasive mind-beatings we are taking lately are simply polishing the doors of our own perception.

"When the doors of our perception are cleansed, man will see all things as they truly are... INFINITE!" --William Blake

The re-post follows.


Let us take time to revisit a great author, Richard Bach, creator of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This excerpt is from his book Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. The piece begins with an astonished crowd's reaction to their Master who has just said:

"I quit..."

For a moment the multitude was stricken dumb with astonishment.

And he said unto them, "If a man told God that he wanted most of all to help the suffering world, no matter the price to himself, and God answered and told him what he must do, should the man do as he is told?"

"Of course, Master!" cried the many. "It should be pleasure for him to suffer the tortures of hell itself, should God ask it!"

"No matter what those tortures nor how difficult the task?"

"Honor to be hanged, glory to be nailed to a tree and burned, if so be that God has asked," said they.

"And what would you do," the Master said unto the multitude, "if God spoke directly to your face and said, "I COMMAND THAT YOU BE HAPPY IN THE WORLD, AS LONG AS YOU LIVE!" What would you do then?"

And the Multitude was silent, not a voice, not a sound was heard upon the hillsides, across the valleys where they stood.

And the Master said unto the silence, "In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime. So it is that I have learned this day, and choose to leave you now to walk your own path, as you please."

And he went his way through the crowds and left them, and he returned to the everyday world of men and machines.